A Doomed Liberator and the Gratitude of the Kirby Kids

Hurtling down narrow roads and country lanes, I was on my way to Kirby Bedon, five miles south of Norwich, to learn about a crash-landing during the war that had left it’s mark on this small,
English village.

I’d met Janet Rush a few years earlier at an open day at the Seething Control Tower museum (one of my favourite places). She’d introduced herself and explained that, as a child, she witnessed a bomber crashing near her house. Read the rest of this entry »

A Map of WW2 Norwich

The English city of Norwich in the county of Norfolk was a focal point for the 8th Air Force in England. By the beginning of World War Two London had become Read the rest of this entry »

Like Holding a Ticket to Your Own Funeral

Harold Dorfman was an 8th Air Force navigator who arrived in England in the late Summer of ’44. A member of crew #66, Dorfman and his buddies referred to their crew as ‘The Boxcars’ a nickname sometimes used to describe the Liberator bombers they flew. Read the rest of this entry »

Death of a Liberator (and the story of THAT photo)

It’s one of the most fascinating photographs of WWII. A B-24 Liberator hangs in the clouds, ripped apart by rockets from a German Me 262 jet fighter. With its tail separated from its body the bomber begins its death dive.

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