Heritage League Visits Norwich!

It’s a warm evening and Norwich is a great city to stroll in. I’m making my way over cobbled streets towards Tombland, an ancient quarter and home to a popular collection of restaurants, bars and one wonderful old bookshop. The Heritage League has invited me to their Sunday night reception at the Maids Head. Read the rest of this entry »

A Doomed Liberator and the Gratitude of the Kirby Kids

Hurtling down narrow roads and country lanes, I was on my way to Kirby Bedon, five miles south of Norwich, to learn about a crash-landing during the war that had left it’s mark on this small,
English village.

I’d met Janet Rush a few years earlier at an open day at the Seething Control Tower museum (one of my favourite places). She’d introduced herself and explained that, as a child, she witnessed a bomber crashing near her house. Read the rest of this entry »

A Map of WW2 Norwich

The English city of Norwich in the county of Norfolk was a focal point for the 8th Air Force in England. By the beginning of World War Two London had become Read the rest of this entry »

Like Holding a Ticket to Your Own Funeral

Harold Dorfman was an 8th Air Force navigator who arrived in England in the late Summer of ’44. A member of crew #66, Dorfman and his buddies referred to their crew as ‘The Boxcars’ a nickname sometimes used to describe the Liberator bombers they flew. Read the rest of this entry »